I decided to create Heart Pretty Nails as I see a mass of nail art blogs, Instagram nail designs etc. Whilst all of these are great to watch, look at and perhaps get ideas from; I don’t see a lot of how to get the long, strong, healthy nails that the nail art is actually on.

There are many ideas, tips, instructional advice, product recommendations etc out there that make me cringe, as I know that these will actually do nothing at all for the nail, make them in worse condition or simply are bizarre enough that it breaks my mind.

What I am going to do in this blog is take my nail knowledge and spread it.

You will then find out what actually helps nails, why it helps and what the end result will be. No old wives tales, no weird home remedies involving eggs or seaweed, and no harsh treatments. Just plain old studied ways of treating the nails and how it actually works to give you beautiful, healthy nails.

I will also address a common problem, one that is overlooked a huge amount of the time and that is – absolute beginners to nails. If you’re 12 or 92 and you are just coming into the world of nails and nail designs etc, it can be confusing and a little frustrating when people think you automatically should know what a cuticle pusher or a ridge filler is.

My aim is to guide you on your journey into strong nails and how to make them look modern and fun, beginner or advanced – hopefully you will learn some new nail techniques.

The blog will look at a range of subjects including; nail tools, nail treatments, nail health, nail products etc. All will be honest, educational, and hopefully help you on your way to great nail success.