Natural Nail Treatments

bowl of water nails

At home natural nail treatments have become very popular. There are lots of remedies that can be found in books, online, by work of mouth, via Youtube, your friends and family. But, how do you know which ones actually work?

I have seen some that make no sense and would do nothing for your nails health. For example, Gelatin – Who thought to use this as a nail ingredient? I have compiled a list of natural nail remedies, how to use them and why you would use them for your nail health. All are basic ingredients, but have very powerful effects.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil removes discolouration and yellowing from nails. Its anti-septic helps prevent and treat fungal infections.

Pop a few drops of oil in a small bowl of warm water. Soak your nails for 3-5 minutes, remove hands but do not rinse and pat dry. Use this 2-3 times a week.

Olive Oil

This softens and helps moisturise nails and cuticles – leading to strong and healthy nails.

Warm a little oil and massage into nails and cuticles for a few minutes. Leave on for 15 minutes, rinse with just water and pat dry. Use this 2-3 times a week.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E provides a moisturising property that gives nails a boost of hydration, resulting in healthy nails.

Break open a Vitamin E cap and extract the oil. Pop the oil onto the nail and cuticle and massage in for a few minutes. Do this daily before bed for a few weeks and you will notice a huge difference.


Beer contains Selenium, Potassium and Biotin that creates strong, thick and healthy nails. It is also rich in Silicon, which treats weak nails.

Warm 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of beer in a small bowl. Soak the nails in this for 15 minutes, rinse and pat dry. Use 2-3 times a week.

Green Tea

Tea gets rid of any yellow discolouration on the nail and the anti-oxidants helps prevent brittle nails. It will also strengthen weak nails.

Allow a cup of green tea to cool. Soak the nails for 10-15 minutes, remove and pat dry. Use this twice a week.


Micro-nutrients such as B Vitamins, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Lecithin and Protein in flaxseed are needed for healthy nails. The Omega 3 nourishes and hydrates dry, brittle nails through it’s fatty acids.

Rub flaxseed oil onto the nail and cuticle, massage in for a few minutes before bed. Wear cotton gloves over this oil to keep the moisture in. Rinse off in the morning. Use daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar contains the nutrients Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Calcium these strengthen the nails. The acidic nature can prevent and treat fungal infections.

Mix equal parts water and raw, unfiltered vinegar in a small bowl. Soak nails for 5-10 minutes, rinse and pat dry. Use this daily for a few weeks.

Other Options

Another way to naturally treat nail problems and to keep them healthy is to combat them from inside-out. I will also list these:

Protein Based Foods

Nails are made of keratin – a certain type of protein. You need protein foods as building blocks for healthy, strong nails. Protein rich foods include, chicken, seafood, nuts, eggs, low fat dairy, beans, lean meats, tofu, soybeans and quinoa.


This is a B vitamin that helps build nail hardness and thickness, it reduces the chance of the nails splitting. Foods rich in Biotin include carrots, salmon, sweet potato, corn, lentils, egg yolks, peanuts, soybeans, almonds and fortified cereals. Biotin can also be found as an oral supplement from most health food shops.


Some of these may work better than others for your nails. It is worth trying them all out and seeing which works the best for you. On a personal level, the ones that worked best for my nails were olive oil, biotin and flaxseed. I have had huge changes since using them, I tend to rotate what I use each week.

I hope that you find one that works for your nails and that these natural treatments aid you on your way to beautiful, strong, healthy nails.




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